Ranges and Features

The Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm is proud to be one of the largest and most diverse shooting ranges in Florida. We have NSCA registered sporting clays tournaments and Remote Weapons Safety Training each month along with occasional rifle and pistol matches. We are committed to providing all types of shooters a quality facility to pursue their hobby.

Our regular hours of operation are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00am until 5:00pm. Arrangements for other days can easily be made by calling (352)485-2302 during normal business hours.

Pistol and Rifle Ranges

We have a covered 20-yard pistol range with five, AR-500 steel targets for our shooters to shoot. We allow any pistol and .22 rimfire rifles on the pistol range. You can also avail bulk ammo from Palmetto Armory as it is easier.


We have three rifle ranges available including the longest rifle range open to the public in North Florida. Our smaller 50-yard & 300-yard gun range has a covered shooting area with several stations available.


Our 850-yard range offers concrete benches and a covered platform to shoot from. A one time qualification is required to use the 850-yard range. Qualification Info


Shotgun Facilities

The Farm offers many features for shotgun enthusiasts such as our three fully automated 14 station sporting clays courses. The stations includes tower and ground level presentations that are varied often to keep the course fresh and challenging for recreational and tournament shooters alike.


We also offer two covered and lighted 5-stands and one lighted skeet range. Our 5-stand fields are equipped with long-range remote controllers to provide easier and better use. These ranges among our most popular features, all who’ve tried them enjoyed them.


We offer concealed carry classes on the first Sunday of every month. Classes start at 9:00am and are taught by certified instructors. We also have a certified sporting clays instructor who is available by appointment. Call (352)485-2302 for more information.

Club House and Pro Shop

We have a fully air conditioned club house and pro shop to provide service and goods for all of our customers. The shop sells ammunition, refreshments, memberships, T-shirts and more!

RV Hookups

We have five full service & twelve partial RV hookups for travelling shooters, call (904) 349-3300 for pricing and availability.

Golf Cart Rentals

We have 15 golf carts available for rent. 5 are four passenger which are $35 per day  & 10 are two passenger which are $25 per day.



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