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Hours Of Operation

The next 850 Qualifier will be 06/18/22.

    850 Qual Questionnaire

    850 Qualifier Rules

For more 850 info contact: Eric Wall 352-316-9578. 

Please leave message or text. 

 Normal Hours       

Wednesday – Sunday / 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • If you are a Sporting Clay Shooter & you have your own card, you can come shoot anytime during closed hours, unless the facility is closed in preparation for an event.

  • All Rifle & Pistol ranges are closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday. No exceptions.  

  • Click HERE to view the dates we are closed for special events.


 Phone Numbers

  • Office: (352)485-2302

Mailing Address

  • Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm
  • P.O. Box 355 
  • Graham, FL 32042

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4 thoughts on “Contact / Hours

  1. Andrew


    Got plenty of 6.5 Hornady ELD Match ammo; just don’t know if I can fill 40 yards worth :

    Line# 5 on “850 RULES”

  2. Tony Cousins

    I visited your facility recently as a guest at a Builders Association event and thoroughly enjoyed it! As a consequence, I’m now getting ready to purchase my first shotgun after about 35 years! Do you have different shotguns available to try so that I can make sure of the correct fit?

    1. bsf

      Congrats on your new found love. We only have basic 12ga Autos that you are more than welcome to try. We look forward to seeing you.


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