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The Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm is owned and operated by Al and Linda Stefanelli, and Pat and Patsy Welch and their families. The 183 acre property that the Sportsmen’s Farm is on now was purchased in 1990 by a group of investors of which the Stefanelli’s and the Welch’s were part of. Currently the Stefanelli’s and the Welch’s are the only owners of the property.

Originally we had planned to use the property as a hunting area, but often we found ourselves using a couple of manual traps for entertainment. Soon we were setting up more and more elaborate presentations. Interest grew as more of our friends began to join us and then we realized it… we were hooked!

The love of sport shooting got us into this and it still inspires us today. Since opening the Farm we have expanded our facilities nearly every year and have more growth planned for the future.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nicholas S Fierro

    Do you plan on improving the skeet course. It is not set up properly nor calibrated to true skeet shooting.
    I, as a member shoot lots of skeet and when I bring guests to shoot they are most disappointed and shy away from joining the club.
    This is just a constructive suggestion, not trying to be ugly.
    See you soon.
    Nick Fierro

    1. bsf

      I completely understand. We have very few people interested in trap and skeet, however we will look into making some adjustments.


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